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***I Promise – Things I promise to do***

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Hello World,
This a list of things I plan to add to this blog in the future and/or will try to improve.

I Promise…

#1 to really try to come back use spell check and edit and revise the posts that I make from any of my personal on the go devices…a bit more.

#2 to write a post about people that feel the need to call much too much attention to themselves(in church),
in attempt to demonstrate their “righteousness,” or “devotion,” or whatever clever word they use-
to mask the facts that their selfish. Simultaniously disturbing anyone else around them, distracting the pastor, and making everyone uncomfortable. We don’t need hype men, and we already have worship leaders(generally).
Jesus rebuked his own family members for interupting sermons. Ouch.

Luke 8:
19 Then his mother and shis brothers came to him, but they could not reach him because of the crowd. 20 And he was told, “Your mother and your brothers are standing outside, desiring to see you.” 21 But he answered them, “My mother and my brothers are those twho hear the word of God and do it.”
luke 11:
27 As he said these things, a woman in the crowd raised her voice and said to him, q“Blessed is the womb that bore you, and the breasts at which you nursed!” 28 But he said, r“Blessed rather are those swho hear the word of God and tkeep it!”

#3 I promise to write a post about the rapture..why it IS biblical. (not the word persay, but the concept)
as well as common  rapture criticisms

#4 to write a post about the goal of these reality tv shows, and satans assult on the family unit.

and lastly for now
#5 start making short thought and revelation posts I may get throughout the day or in prayer/study

thanks for reading.


** feel free to let me know any topics you’d like to see covered in my future posts!!


Televangelists – Are They The Most Evil People Alive?

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Hello World,

Ok look,  I’ve got a bit of an issue with people with opinions. Which may be ironic, I know.
But if I were to do a search on popular evangelists, I would have to sift through 100’s and 100’s of videos from people that either hate them or love them.

Those that dislike them, don’t ever seem to have any actual experience listening to or verifying the claims they make about them. The things that they claim to feel about these particular preachers or on the other hand, there’s the fan videos from people that do like them and treat them like modern day idols.

Upon thinking about this topic, I realized that none of these attitudes make sense, and neither are the biblical approach we should be taking toward the topic.

God is not a God of confusion. Yet we are confused. The enemies main tactic is division. And the christian body is divided. What does all this mean? It means were are not doing well as a body. We can criticize each other about anything these days, biblical interpretation..should we be going to church sundays or saturdays, 6 days of creation or 6000 years, elect or not elect, rapture or no rapture etc etc etc.

If you are a Christian, chances are you’ve been in a similar discussion. Granted some are important topics, but the priority level we put on things is infamously skewed, almost by design. God commanded us to worry about one job as a Christian SAVE SOULS. Not confuse them so they give up and take up yoga.

I say all that to say this. Leave the televangelists alone. If they are not authentic we have a simple test to find out. Your speculation is just that, speculation.
But attempting to discredit a credible pastor, or leader, while at the same time and making stars out of the ones that aren’t is a form of blasphemy- and the spirit is anti-Christ in nature.

I don’t even think most of the people that raise this issue even thought about what they are actually saying. Take Benny Hinn for example. A comment I have read almost 100 times is:

“Benny Hinn is a fraud, he’s only after their money, that 1000 people in the front that just fell…Actors! Of course.

Listen to yourself. Firstly,  you’re implying that Benny Hinn absolutely does not believe in God at all.

Let’s say he was lying,

That he is praying on the faith of the saints of God
In order to steal Gods offerings from the people,
And in particular, the most broken, hurting, down trodden
Physically impaired members of the body of Christ. The sick, the poor.

This is way passed a level of fraud that you’re implying.
You’re implying an Evil diabolical, antichristic, laughing at the thought of someone believing in God person. And that my friend by any stretch of the mind is NOT Benny Hinn. Nor Creflo, nor TD jakes or whoever.

Stop watching youtube, start dividing sermons by the word. Use the discernment God gave you rather than the ears he gave you to test the spirits. Use the word to test the teaching.

And did you ever think about how God may feel about tearing down preachers if they really are a true preacher of the word.

Were better than that church. Act like it.